Explore Our Stunning Colour Options

Welcome to our Colour Page, where we invite you to embark on a journey through a vivid spectrum of possibilities. At Spray Granite, we understand that the right color can do more than just change the hue of a surface; it has the power to transform spaces into works of art. With an extensive palette of stunning colors, each carefully curated to inspire and elevate, we offer a range that’s as unique and varied as your imagination.

In the world of design, color plays an instrumental role. It’s the brushstroke of personality and style that brings life to your space. At Spray Granite, we’re excited to present our most popular color choices, each carefully selected to cater to a wide range of tastes and design sensibilities.

Whether you’re envisioning a modern kitchen, a welcoming outdoor wall, or a seamless flooring solution, our colors are designed to make your vision a reality. With this palette, we’ve transformed ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of beauty and style.

The Spray Granite System is a truly versatile coating solution, offering three distinctive application methods to help you achieve your desired finish. We’re all about providing choices that cater to your unique vision.

The ‘light cast’ method creates a sparse, open texture, allowing more of the Hydro background to shine through, offering a beautifully distinctive look.

For those who prefer a slightly denser finish with less of the Hydro background visible, the ‘medium cast’ is a perfect choice. It strikes the ideal balance between texture and coverage.

If you’re looking for a more solid, seamless finish, the ‘full cast’ method is your go-to option. It applies the most Granite product, resulting in a solid and striking look.

With an impressive selection of 22 Granite colors and various background hues, the potential for customization knows no bounds. This versatile color palette empowers you to transform surfaces with a touch of sophistication that suits every style.

With this vibrant selection of colors and application methods, you can truly unleash your creative vision and give your space a distinctive, personal touch. So, explore our palette, discover your perfect shade and application method, and let your imagination flourish with Spray Granite.

Tahitian (Colour 56)

A deep and rich dark sage green background with delicate speckles of black, light grey, and pastel green. Perfect for creating sophisticated darker surfaces in outdoor spaces.

Egyptian Cotton (Colour 6)

An earthy look with a clay sage background and subtle speckles of light coral, white, and grey. Versatile and perfect for various residential and commercial applications.

Titanium (Colour 13)

A unique and eye-catching colour with a dark pastel green backdrop sprayed with matching color flakes and added speckles of white and darker green. Ideal for outdoor applications due to its durability and weather-resistant properties.

Beach (Colour 34)

Boasts a pale yellow backdrop with a unique blend of flakes in grey, black, and brown, creating a natural effect. Versatile and suitable for a range of applications, from kitchens to exterior walls.

Moonstone (Colour 33)

A medium grey background with a mix of flakes in black, grey, and white. Versatile and suitable for any surface, adding a sleek and contemporary finish.

Pebble (Colour 21)

A versatile and stylish option with an eggshell background complemented by a mix of flakes in grey, mauve, white, and baby blue. Ideal for feature walls and seamless flooring.

Cappuccino (Colour 24)

An earthy look with a clay sage background and subtle speckles of light coral, white, and grey. Versatile and perfect for various residential and commercial applications.

Aspen (Colour 47)

Features a champagne backdrop with a unique mix of multi-colour flakes in coral, white, and mauve, with a sprinkle of black. Ideal for feature walls, airy bathrooms, or open-plan flooring.

Champagne (Colour 50)

A delightful blush pink with a blend of matching colour dashes in white, darker grey, and black. Perfect for vibrant nurseries, kids’ rooms, and commercial spaces.

Rose (Colour 57)

A striking and sophisticated option with a medium grey background, featuring a mix of deep reds, light pinks, and dashes of black. Perfect for exterior walls, creating a natural and inviting atmosphere.

Autumn (Colour 55)

A beautiful and unique colour with a pastel pink backdrop and grey, terracotta, and black flakes. Versatile and suitable for a range of spaces.

Oyster Pearl (Colour 52)

A stunning light yellow background adorned with speckles of granite flakes in light grey, pastel yellow, and beige. A classic and elegant look.

Cream (Colour 44)

Magnolia background with complementing shades of granite flakes in white, yellow, grey, brown, and black. Perfect for elevating any surface in traditional or modern properties.

Meteor (Colour 40)

A striking option with a deep grey backdrop decorated with a unique mix of flakes in red, pink, light grey, and black. An ideal choice for commercial floors and walls.

Winter (Colour 41)

An elegant and timeless colour with an off-white backdrop adorned with pearl white, grey, and black sprinkles. Ideal for indoor floors or exterior walls.

Biscuit (Colour 38)

A stunning option with a milk chocolate background combined with dashes in beige and black. Perfect for creating a statement on exterior walls.

Anthracite (Colour 14)

A popular choice for a modern and sophisticated finish with an anthracite grey background and sprinkles of grey, white, and black.

Polar (Colour 51)

A timeless and classic colour with an off-white background decorated with flakes in dark grey, light grey, and brilliant white. Perfect for walls or floors.

Sunset (Colour 53)

A soft and elegant colour with a beautiful combination of soft pink background and white, beige, and grey speckles.

Fawn (Colour 48)

A beautiful and warm colour with a pastel peach background and white, black, and light grey granite flakes.

Ivory (Colour 29)

A versatile colour combining a soft magnolia background with an intricate mix of brown, grey, white, and beige dashes.

Everest (Colour 42)

A pale cream background with a stunning mix of yellow, white, grey, and black flakes. Perfect for brightening up your space.